Technical Information

Information on the tools and used to create this site is here.

Working with documents in PDF format

Many of the documents on our site are in PDF format, an industry standard that is easy to read using any of several free readers.  The PDFs download in a separate window.

If you need a reader and use Windows, you can download the free Foxit reader, which is lightweight and powerful, here

Foxit users can search the contents within a PDF document using the "Find" box in the upper lefthand corner of the page or hit Control-F to automatically place your cursor in that box.  To search across multiple PDFs, click on the down arrow next to "Find" and select "Open full Foxit search," then select the location of the PDFs you have downloaded and wish to search.

If you use other operating systems or otherwise wish to download a reader from Adobe, select your operating system here

Adobe users can search within a document using the "Search" button (with the binocular icon).  Current versions of this reader also enable you to search across multiple PDFs.

Reporting technical problems

Please let us know if you run into problems, such as broken links.

While we can't fix problems on your computer and don't offer technical support, we will fix problems you encounter on our site and will add additional information or clarifications so that our site is easy to use.

In fact, it was feedback from one long-time member and industrious volunteer, Joan Abshire, that led to the creation of this page, including the tips on working with PDF documents.

Send reports of problems and related site feedback here.  Please provide as much detail as possible, including the page where you encountered the problem.

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