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Inquiries about Marlborough history--people, places, and things:

  • On April 26, 2011, long-time Marlborough researcher Joan Abshire announced that she is seeking information on the John A. Frye Shoe Company, Inc.  She is especially interested in talking to people who have or once wore Frye's Jet Boots, which were popular with the U.S. Armed Forces during WWII.  If you have any information, artifacts, or photographs, please contact Joan Abshire.   Note that we can copy photos or arrange to have photos taken.

  • On December 4, 2010, Brandon Weigand sent the photo  below with this inquiry:
I'm trying to figure out if the officer in the image is CPT Thomas E. Jackson, 1LT Fraklin G. Taylor or 2LT Frank E. Moore of Company F during the Spanish American War.

Company F, 6th Regiment was the MVM "National Guard" unit stationed in Marlborough at the turn of the century. The photo also has a Marlborough benchmark on it. One would assume that all the officers were prominent persons in the local community.

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  • From e-mail received 10/25/08

Question: I am trying to identify the location of Curtis Farm in the 1940s. Maps, photographs, descriptions, or recollections would be greatly appreciated.


My folks grew up in Marlborough and graduated from the high school in 1932 (dad) & '34. Mom (EDITH L. CANNON) lived at 68 Prospect Street with her folks until she married my dad (MAX L. HURLBUT) in 1936. I came along in '39. They both worked for the Curtis Shoe Factory where my grandfather (ARTHUR R.
CANNON) was foreman of the Cutting Room.

I will be 70 next year and in 2010 (350th Anniversary) would like to visit. I have memories of where we lived on the Curtis Farm which was off Hosmer Street on the south shore of Fort Meadow Reservoir. My folks (both now deceased) said they were told the area is now a housing development and no farm buildings remain.
They lived in a little cottage that was a stone's throw from the lake.

I have a modern map but do not know exactly where the farm buildings were situated. Sixty-five years ago there were open fields, apple trees, and a swamp area, bordered by woods, where wild-flowers grew in the Spring.

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  • Paul found some glass negatives in Shutesbury that depict Marlborough around 1912, including a parade.  There are also pictures of several houses and various people, some or all of whom may be from Marlborough.
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