A Festival of Trees - 2014

Updated December 14: 300+ photos from this year's festival are posted below.

Updated January 5, 2015: The individuals who won trees are listed immediately below, followed by the organizations whose trees won an award.


Won trees

1.         Collections for Pets                                                 Raymond  Sylvia

2.         Poinsettia-The Beautiful Christmas Flower       Krystal Bentley                    

3.         America Runs on Dunkin                                        Melinda Saris

4.         Summer Treats                                                         Donald Cusson

5.         Nifty Fifties                                                               Albert Carbone

6.         Life’s a Beach                                                           Lisa Birnie

7.         Silver Bells                                                                Carole Saunders

8.         A Lion’s Pride                                                            Meg Barrette

9.         Classical Christmas                                                 Meg Anderson

10.       It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood           Nancy Knight

11.       We Still Make Housecalls                                     Kim Cohen

12.       People helping People                                           Bailey Stetson

13.       Home for the Holidays                                           Betty Shays

14.       Join Rotary….Do Good….Feel Great !                    P. Silva

15.       “Spirits of Christmas”                                             Caroline Riley

16.       Homemade “Cents” for the Holidays                   Tiffany Faico

17.       Holly Jolly Christmas                                               Pam Devereaux

18.       Snowflakes are Angel Kisses                                Amy Winston

19.       White Christmas                                                      Isabella Tirabassi

20.       Navidad En Mexico                                                  Joanna Rowe

21.       Pink is Powerful                                                       Angel Figueroa

22.       Silver and Gold                                                        Katie O’Connell

23.       Cars                                                                            Janice Lucia

24.       See Your World from a Whole New Perspective            Isabelle Tirabassi

25.       Progressive Insurance                                            Marlene Downey

26.       Santa’s Little Helpers                                             Mark Slatkavitz

27.       Christmas in Killarney                                            Melissa Hicks

28.       A Very Merry Christmas                                           Shirley Massagler

29.       Girls Night Out                                                         Fred Meserve

30.       Over the Seven Hills Red Hat Club                       Karen Falco

31.       Joy to the World                                                       Pat Russell

32        Peppermint Twist                                                    Amy Gustavson

33.       When You Wish Upon a Star                                 Jean DiBattista

34.       Frozen                                                                        Phil Gibbons

35.       Youth Sports                                                             Aaron Lawyer

36.       Under the Sea                                                          Sally Collura

37.       Snowman                                                                  Patty Colomey

38.       Silent Night                                                               Felecity Brown

39.       Technical Education at its Best                            Jackie Connelly

40.       Open Your Heart/Open Your Home                      Stephen Cenenlaw

41.       Artists Paradise                                                       Doreen Noble                                  

42.       Silver and Gold                                                        Deb Blasko

43.       Don’t Find Your Health Upside Down in 2015    Chris Brock

44.       Victorian Christmas                                                 Lauren Lerulaw

45.       Snowmen & Snowballs                                           Deb Blasko

46.       An Elegance to Christmas                                      Susan Smith

47.       Under Construction                                                 Janis Tester

48.       Broad Stripes and Bright Stars                              R. Montgomery

49.       Peppermint Delights                                               Jill Shay

50.       In Memory of Henry F.  Riani 1934-2010               Kathy McInerney

51.       T’was The Night Before Christmas                       Joan Beauchemin

52.       Reminds Me of Mom’s Christmas Tree                Sarah Alford

53.       In Memory of Mom-Angels From Heaven            Shawna Braga

54.       Purple Passion                                                         Suzannah Childers

55.       Cape Cod Christmas                                                Kristen Garrity

56        Grincy Christmas                                                      Stefano & Julie Humphries

57.       Christmas Shavings                                                 Cam Citro

58.       Elegance                                                                    Tina Taranto

59        Christmas Joy                                                            Melissa Hart

60.       Joy and Peace                                                           Kristen Garrity

61.       Master of Music                                                       Mike Ferro

62.       Icicles and Berries                                                  Joy Lanza

63.       Angels Among Us                                                     Art Milliken

64.       While Visions of Girl Scout Cookies                                           

            Danced in their Heads                                           Kristen Giessler

65.       Time to Work                                                            Joseph Walden                               

66.       The Learning Tree                                                    Albert  Allard

67.       Noteable Christmas                                                Katie Gianatasid

68.       Eternal Hope                                                            Rose Cowill

69.       Red Satin                                                                   Carol Kelber

70.       Flowers of Christmas                                              Carol Kelber

71.       Gingerbread Christmas                                          Linda Bonina

72.       Blue Christmas                                                         Stephanie Johnson

73.       Toyland Express                                                       John Robichaud

74.       Skates and Mittens                                                 Janice Beauregard

75.       No Peeking                                                                Carol Reynolds

76.       Sweet Treats                                                             Susan Basius

77.       A Bright Idea                                                             Maryanne Cautela

78.       Little Guys Christmas                                              Nancy Dalbec

79.       Easy Life                                                                    Lorraine Morich

80.       Little Princess                                                           LouAnn Franke

81.       Birds of a Feather                                                    Angela LaRoche

82.       In the Garden                                                           Florian Berges

83.       Christmas for Baby                                                  Paula Coffey

84.       Star Light, Star Bright                                               Irene Horoav

85.       Teddy Bears on Parade                                           Paul Taylor

86.       Top Hatters                                                               Amy Roca

87.       Gatsby Gala Christmas                                           Sandra Lamy

88.       Woodland Wonder                                                  Annie B’s Honey Farm

89.       Tiny Treasures                                                          Maureen Falconi

90.       School Days                                                              J. Fuller

91.       Sweet Shop                                                               Melissa Martin

92.       The Notes of Noel                                                   Pam Devereaux

93.       Christmas Gold                                                        Pat Hanson

94.       Bountiful Buttons                                                    Roger Messier

95.       Baby Girls Christmas                                               Cecile Atchue

96.       Baby Boys Christmas                                               Judy Melillo

97.       Draped in Gold                                                        April Pokeat

98.       Scarlet Dreams                                                         John Kiley

99.       Sea Side Christmas                                                 Molly Brodeur

100.     Key Lime Holiday                                                     Ray Sylvia

101.     All the Little Things                                                 Nancy Jones

102.     Snowy Night                                                              Adrienne Cost

103.     Poppin Pom Poms                                                    Diane Birstein

104.     Dash Away All                                                          Chris Hebhardt

105      Simply Christmas                                                     Janet Livesey

106.     On Gossamer Wings                                               Robert Stupik

107.     Baubles and Bows                                                  Lissa Fulgione

108.     Heavenly                                                                   Kim Hemenway

109.     Cool Blue Yule                                                          Cindy Moss

110.     Ice Ice Baby                                                               Annette Fillion

111.     Star Spangled Christmas                                        Mike Ferro

112      Jingle Jangle Christmas                                          Mary Hammond

113.     Silver Bells                                                                Mickey Riani


Won wreaths 

Jeanne Stirling                                                                     Taylor Partridge

Jen Finn                                                                                 Amy Chiasson

Theresa Kahn                                                                       Sandra Rocheleau

Carmen Fortin                                                                       Michelle Boudreau

Jody McKenna                                                                       Tina Taranto

Alice Duncan                                                                          Margaret Picco

Julie Pidgeon


Most Beautiful Tree

Winner:  Cottage Children’s Center  – “Frozen”

Honorable Mention: Zarape Mexican Restaurant – “Navidad en Mexico”

Best in Theme 

Winner: Marlborough Fire Fighters Local 1714 decorated by Bob & Linda Rennie – “We Still Make Housecalls”

Honorable Mention: The Walton Family – “Joy to the World”

Most Whimsical 

Winner: Breathe Wellness – “See Your World From a Whole New Perspective”

Honorable Mention: Friends of the Marlborough Seniors – “Grincy Christmas”

Best Topper 

Winner: First Methodist Church – “Silent Night”

Honorable Mention: Marlborough Chamber of Commerce –  “Gatsby Gala Christmas”

Best Overall 

Winner: In memory of Melissa & Jennifer – “Angels Among Us” decorated by sisters Carolyn & Betty

Honorable Mention: Breast Cancer Awareness/Vikki Crowley  - “Eternal Hope”

People’s Choice “Most Popular”

Sperry’s Liquors – “Spirits of Christmas”


300+ pictures from this year's festival, including photos of every gingerbread house, every tree, and all of the tabletop trees and wreaths.

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Begin the holiday season with A Festival of Trees 

  • 100+ Decorated Artificial Christmas Trees
  • Aisle of Wreaths
  • Candyland
  • Santa’s Workshop
  • NorthPole Playland 
  • Miniature Victorian Village & Train
  • Gingerbread Village -- See below
  • Dickens Village
  • Entertainment Stage
  • Silver Bells Tea
  • Santa Claus
  • Crafters
Click on the coupon image below to download and print out your discount coupon.

All of the trees will be raffled off.  Come and pick the one you'd like to take home if your ticket is drawn.  

Dates and times for 2014

  • Friday, December 12 from 5 p.m. - 9 p.m
  • Saturday, December 13 from 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.
  • Sunday, December 14, from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.


The Royal Plaza Trade Center at 181 Boston Post Road West in Marlborough. 


You'll find information on sponsoring this year's event here [PDF].  There are several levels available to meet the needs of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations of all sizes.

To get an idea of the size and scope of the Festival of Trees, and to view the trees from all of last year's sponsors, browse these pictures  from the 2013 Festival of Trees: Thursday night set upopening night Friday nightSaturday, with pictures of every tree and wreath, and the drawing Sunday night.

You can view the 2013 program book here.  It contains ads from all of last years's sponsors.

Gingerbread Competition

Deadline: Your entry form must be received by Monday, December 8, 2014.  If you later decide you won't be entering, please let us know immediately.  

Theme: “Winter Wonderland”


Individuals and teams may enter in the following categories. 
  • Entry level - Decorators with minimum decorating experience
  • Non-Professionals – Decorators who primarily decorate cakes as a hobby, not as a business
  • Advanced/professional – Those who consider themselves professional and serious hobbyists who wish to compete at the highest level.
  • For team entries, the highest skill level of any member will determine the category for their team's entry.  
  • The Metro West Festival of Trees and its judges reserves the right to decide  whether an entry is in the Professional or Non-Professional Category
  • Show directors and/or staff are not responsible for damage of any kind, although all care will be taken to prevent such occurrences.
  • Entries must be delivered between 2pm and 6pm on Friday, December 12, 2014.  People’s Choice votes will begin collecting at 5pm.

Construction Requirements
  • For the Entry Level Division, the base size can be no larger than 20” by 20” and no taller than 20”.
  • For the Professional and Non-Professional Divisions, the base size can be no larger than  30”x30” base, height cannot be taller than 24”.  
  • For all divisions, weight cannot be more than 50lbs. & should be on a ½” or ¾” Plywood Base.  Base size should be proportionate to house/art.  
  •  Build your house as sturdy as possible.  
  •  Materials: Use Gingerbread for your main structure. Colorful candies & icing will make your creation look festive & will catch the buyer’s eye.  You may use chocolate, gum paste, sugar, marzipan, royal icing, nougat and other edible food products.  You can use decorative items such as tree branches, mirrors, toy people & animals, etc.
  • Cake creations do not meet specifications.
  •  Live plants, water ornaments, globes or other water features are not allowed. 
  •  Lights : Your gingerbread creation can be wired for lights (Please furnish an extension cord)
  •  Gingerbread “houses” can also be barns, doghouses, birdhouses,  lighthouses & other imaginative dwellings.  
  • Name your display: Please give your creation a name (limited to 22 characters, including spaces).  We will place a sign with the name of your creation.  Names of the entrants will be added after judging.
  • Skirted tables will be provided

  • Entries will be judged on creativity/originality/craftsmanship/degree of difficulty/artistic coordination/overall appearance & adherence to theme.
  • Entries MUST be sole work of the entrant(s)
  • Winners will be determined by judges appointed by the Metro West Festival of Trees in the three (3) eligible categories, and all rulings by the judges are final.  
  • Judging will take place at 2PM, Sunday, December 14th.  People’s Choice votes will be counted at that time.


  • Winning Entry of the Professional Division will receive $250 and a ribbon.
  • Winning Entry of the Non-Professional Division will receive $200 and a ribbon.
  • Winning Entry of the Entry Level Division will receive $50 and a ribbon.
  • Second and third place entries will also receive ribbons.  Additional cash prizes will be awarded if the number of entrants and sponsors warrant.  Announcement of further cash prizes will be made prior to the beginning of the Festival. 
  • A People’s Choice Award Ribbon will be given to the entry given the most votes by Festival attendees. 
  • Splitting of any prize awarded to a team will be left to the discretion of the team.
  • Prize checks will be given to the winners after judging or sent to the name and address on the entry form.

You may submit as many entries as you wish, but no individual or team can win more than one ribbon (with the exception of the People’s Choice).  Each entry submitted will receive 2 free admission tickets for individual entrants and 4 admission tickets for group entrants.

You may donate your entry to the Festival of Trees or pick it up by 6:00pm Sunday, Dec. 14.  Entries that are not picked up by that time will become property of the Metrowest Festival of Trees and will be auctioned off.