About the Marlborough Historical Society

The Marlborough Historical Society is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to historic preservation, education, and celebration in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

Founded September 22, 1964 (meeting minutes), it is the only organization of its kind in Marlborough and depends on donations of time and money, memberships, purchases, and special events to fund ongoing preservation and education, free monthly programs, and special celebrations.

Other than a few small grants for specific programs, the Society receives no city, state, or federal money.  As an all-volunteer organization, 100% of your donation funds the Society's historic preservation and education.

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The Society is committed to historic preservation, education, and celebration in Marlborough.

According to the organization's bylaws . . .

The purpose of this Society shall be to collect, study, preserve, and maintain historical records, relics, and objects relating to the history of Marlborough, its founders and peoples; to promote the interest in, and study of, the history of Marlborough, to preserve items of current events that may have historic interest in the future, and to provide a safe depository for the same; to make collections of historical interest and to ensure the continuous adequate care of such collections and their accessibility to the general public; to interest and unite the people of Marlborough and promote understanding of its traditions and history.


The Society's by-laws, as  amended and approved at the annual meeting on April 22, 2008, are here.

  • Marlborough Historical Society Inc.
  • IRS subsection: 501(c)(3)
  • Contributions are tax-deductible
  • Tax ID: 046169254

Officers, Trustees, and Appointed Officials (2017 - 2018)

  • President                                                          Chandra Lothian
  • Past president    Janet Licht
  • Vice President                                                 Bob Kane
  • Treasurer                                                        Trish Holt
  • Recording Secretary                                     Linda Rennie
  • Trustee                                                             Doug Rowe
  • Trustee                                                             Bob Fagone                                                                   
  • Trustee                                                             Paul Brodeur
  • Trustee                                                             Pauline Smith
  • Trustee                                                             Laurie Pelletier
  • Trustee                                                             Karen Widener
  • Trustee                                                             Buck Colaianni

        Chairs of special programs
  • Building and Grounds                                    Paul Polewacyk
  • Membership                                                      Linda Rennie
  • Christmas at Farm/Festival of Trees          Bob Kane
  • Cliff Avey
Past presidents

1964 - 1965            Florence Williams  (read the minutes of the first meeting)

1966 - 1970            Roy Estabrook

1970 - 1973            Olive Cunningham

1973 - 1975            Ceceile Bacauskas

1975 - 1977            Roy Estabrook

1977 - 1979            Henry Adams

1979 - 1980            Louise Grady

1980 - 1982            Sarah Berch

1982 - 1985            Herbert Hicks

1985 - 1986            Alice Schram

1986 - 1988            Eugene Schneider

1988 - 1990            Arthur Bailey

1990 - 1994            Dr. Ken Greenleaf

1994 - 1995            Georgette O'Rourke

1995 - 1998            Marilyn Otto

1998 - 2000           Frank Valianti

 2000 - 2003          Bob Scott

2003 - 2006          Jack Gracey

2006  - 2017          Janet Licht

2017 - present       Chandra Lothian         

            Terms begin in April following elections at the annual meeting.

Annual programs

An up-to-date description of this season's events is here.

Special events

1993 Christmas at the Farm [PDF]

Programs for recent "Christmas at the Farm" and "A Festival of Trees" are are on the individual pages for those events.

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